Familly affair

Our estate represents over 170 years of blood, sweat, tears and passion for our wine.

In 1840, François Tiollier bought the land where fruit trees and vines flourished already. He added the mansion, took a good look at his creation and christened it Domaine de l’Idylle. Idylle means love story. Unable to have children, the property skipped a generation to his nephew Albert.

Albert Tiollier, focused more on wine production than fruit and his efforts were recognised in 1920 with the first of many medals for Domaine de l’Idylle.

Before the Second World War, Albert handed the reins to his son André who, together with his wife Henriette, became the first generation to bottle the wine on site. This was an important step in the devolopment of these authentic but lesser known local grape varieties.

André Tiollier
Bourgeon vigne - Famille Tiollier

In 1975, the next generation saw brothers Philippe and François Tiollier in charge and expanding the vineyard to its curent size of 50 acres, devoted exclusively to wine production. The brothers added new wines to the range and began international distribution which today spreads far beyond their native Savoie to Asia and the USA.

In 2011, Philippe’s eldest son, Sylvain Tiollier, joined the team to add a hint of modernity to the great traditions of Domaine de l’Idylle.

Philippe Tiollier

Wine grower

Philippe has always believed a high-class wine depends on the vine. In love with the Savoyard soil, which he knows by heart, he has consistently and successfully identified which soil type will give the best results for each of the 10 grape varieties, planted at Domaine de l’Idylle.

Françcois Tiollier

Wine grower

François was the first to identify the potential of Mondeuse, a local grape variety. His earlier experience in producing Bordeaux wine, reinforced his convictions. So, he replanted this grape variety on the rugged slopes of Cruet. Many hundreds of thousands of bottles later his choise has proven to be sound and a key factor in the resurgence of this famous grpae variety.

Sylvain Tiollier

Wine grower junior

Sylvain’s qualifications in oenology and experience in international winemaking bring a modern touch to the Domaine. He knows the alpine climate gives delicate and well-balanced white wines. It was he who helped promote the newest appellation in the region : Crémant de Savoie.

From the vine to the bottle

Sitting in Natural Park of the Massif des Bauges, family's production is strictly controlled

Chai du Domaine de l'Idylle - Fûts de chène

2010, a new undergournd cellar was built combining tradition and modernity to honour the sacred grapes : gravity flow and strict temperature controls. It is this attention to detail at every stage of the wine making process which limit the need for additives and ensure the character of each of our wines is preserved.

Most of our wines are matured in stainless steel vats, for 3 to 12 months, thereby perserving the wine in purist states. Some of our production is also aged in locally produced oak barrels.

All our still wines are bottled by us on the estate.


Exceptional terroir, with local grape varieties from Savoie