Unique grape varieties

These noble grape varieties were all selected for their perfect fit with our vineyard.

An Alpine landscape

These steep slopes rising on the southern flank of the Savoie valley, face the Alps and are gorged with sunshine. The soil is mainly argilo-calcaire, a gift from the mountain and recognised as one of the best in Savoie.

This Alpine climate bestows on our wines a wonderfull balance. Cool nights complemented with the best of the sunshine. It is these very swings in temperature which enhance our grape’s maturity and reenforce our wine’s crispness.


Our grape varieties



Mondeuse, from which Syrah is derived,  gives spicy wines with hints of violet.



Jacquère produces fresh and floral whites. It’s the most common variety in Savoie.


Roussette - White

Altesse, also knowed as Roussette gives highly concentrated wines.



Ideal for producing rich and full-bodied whites.


The wine maker's passion

Our guiding principles are attention to detail and a profound respect for nature. The steep slopes of our Domaine mean nearly all tasks are performed manualy.

The daily care of our wines is a true obsession. We meticulously follow the changes in each parcel of land, which may experience subtly different weather condition.


Harvest is the final step in our year long cultivation our grapes. Generaly, it begins in mid-september with harvesting the grapes for our Crémant and ends a month later with our spicy Mondeuse.

We monitor very closely each grape variety as it matures and in each parcel of land analyse flavour acidity and sugar content. This ensures grapes are harvested at the perfect moment.

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