Domaine de l’Idylle is now recognized as an estate with High Environmental Value

For years, Domaine de l’Idylle has been committed to sustainable agriculture that respects the environment and biodiversity. We are proud to announce that this commitment has been certified: we are now recognized as an estate with High Environmental Value !

The High Environmental Value Certification certifies that:

  • We promote biodiversity by preserving the untouched areas of any agricultural activity. These rest areas consist of hedges, trees or even ditches for example.
  • We engage alternative practices free from the ecosystem of the land where we grow our vineyard and produce our wine.
  • We participate in the conservation of the beauty of wine landscapes for example by naturally weeding our vineyard: the grass, the flowers and the vines thus form harmonious and balanced panoramas in our soils
  • We are attentive to all our viticultural practices with a view to minimizing our impact on the environment by preferring, for example, mechanical tillage rather than chemical techniques. The intervention on the vineyard is done if it is necessary.

“A well-balanced wine always starts with an environment and a soil that is well-disposed to welcome and give life. “

Coccinelle    HVE